Monica Westberg is one of the Nordic countries most experienced psychodramatics, trained by Zerka T. Moreno. Monica uses Moreno's philosophy and methods both in business and public sector. Her work has resulted in education in Sweden and Norway through the establishment of the Pskodrama Academy and the Norwegian Psychology School. Monica contributed to the formation of the Fepto Federation of European Psychdrama Training Organization and is now part of its research group.

Monica Westberg
Gunnel Carlsson

Gunnel Carlsson has experience as a nurse leader in healthcare. Gunnel has been working for many years as a univ. assistant professor at the Department of Public Health and Health Sciences. Sociodrama / Psychodrama / Psychometry has been an integral part of clinical and educational work. In the care and care work, as conversation leader, supervisor and educator, the psychological and socio dramatic approach, philosophy and ethics have been guiding in groups as well as in individual contacts.

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